USA Swim Team

Tier 1 is looking for dedicated competitive swimmers to form an elite USA swim team for the 2017 - 2018 swim season.  

The amount of swimmers on the team will be limited, so Tier 1 coaches can effectively work with each swimmer individually and as a group, ultimately creating a top tier team.  Get your kids out of the packed pools where coaches aren't  able to effectively coach swimmers to their full potential.  Tier 1 swimmers will stretch out, work hard and get the most out of every practice.

  • 4-5 day a week practice schedule and include many dry land days. 
  • All swimmers, boys and girls, ages 7 - 17
  • Training will be different and more effective at creating top swimmers competing at a higher level than what other swim teams offer.  Swimmers will absolutely become faster, smarter and stronger.  
  • Tier 1 will implement multifaceted training sessions.  This means not only training with elite swim coaches in the pool, but also train with a variety of our other dedicated Tier 1 sport coaches, out of the pool, for ultimate training regimens.  This variation in training is exactly what creates top swimmers and isn't found on other swim teams.      
  • Pricing, time frame, hours in the pool etc are being determined.  

Please contact Tier 1 if you're interested in joining and learning more about the development of the Tier 1 USA Swim Team.  



Tier 1 Swimming