Personalized private and semi private swim lessons

Lessons are taught by our experienced instructors for both children and adults.  All ages (4 years and older) and skill levels are encouraged to sign up.  Swim lessons focus on each person developing individually, from beginning swimmers to elite Triathlon Swim Training.  

There are no levels to advance through, the lessons are open source.  Meaning that you grow as an individual swimmer, making advances on your own with no pressure from other swimmers. 

All classes are uniquely designed for each swimmer.  

  • Beginner classes familiarize new swimmers to an aquatic environment and help them acquire basic aquatic skills, including water safety.  There are no skill prerequisites for beginners and all skills are performed with support from the instructor.    
  • Swimmers with some skills and abilities will build on and improve the skills they already know.  Skills are performed with the support of the instructor.
  • Swimmers with advanced skills and abilities will continue to build and develop stroke refinement and technique.  Skills are performed independently.  

Please fill out the Private Lesson Request Form and provide the information to the best of your ability.  An instructor will be in contact with you via e-mail to guarantee your scheduled time slot.  All lessons are $30/hour $15/half hour.  Please note, lessons only take place during open swim hours.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss swimming goals and abilities before registering, include your phone number on the form or contact Russ Banak.


Personalized Private and Semi Private Swim Lessons

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