Personal Elite Swim Coaching For Your Entire Swim Season

​Think of the advantages of having a personal swim coach following you through your swim season.

  • Your personal and private swim coach is there for you throughout the season, doing what it takes to help you become the champion you know you can be
  • Private in pool swim training any time, any day the pool is available.........5am practices change people.  (You want to win, train when the competition is sleeping)
  • Your personal swim coach will attend swim meets with you, watching, advising and motivating you
  • Your personal swim coach will attend several of your team practice sessions, to be sure you're effectively using the techniques learned in your private sessions
  • Swimmer will spend time with a Professional Nutritionist, to be sure your fueling your body correctly
  • Swimmer will spend time with a Physical Therapist and/or Personal Trainer to help build your swim muscles safely and effectively  
  • Private dry land training at your YMCA or other gym
  • You'll have all the swimming resources at hand
  • Available to all competitive swimmers

The fine print.

  • Sessions with Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist will be upon their availability.  This can mean several weeks wait time.  It's advised to schedule sessions upon registering for 'Personal Elite Swim Coaching'.
  • Private in pool training sessions are scheduled when the pool is available, any day of the week, at any time.  Your pool or Albright's pool.
  • Private dry land sessions are scheduled anytime the facility is available, any day of the week, at any time. Your gym or mine.
  • Private coaches make every effort to accommodate swimmers schedules for sessions.  Life happens fast. Rarely do schedules conflict, but it may happen.
  • The maximum number of hours available to the swimmer is 50, used any way you want.
  • Personal Elite Swim Coaching is $2500.  Any unused time will be refunded accordingly.

A Great Coach Doesn't Covet His Knowledge, He Gives Away Everything He Knows. Because In The End, He Knows It's Worth It. 


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