Building The Fastest Swimmers In The Pool

You can't have a great swim clinic without having a great team of coaches to implement it.

  • Our # 1 job is to make swimmers faster, stronger and smarter.
  • Tier 1 coaches are exceptionally qualified competitive swimmers that have been involved with swimming for most of their lives. 
  • Tier 1 coaches understand the importance of Starts, Turns and Finishes, being the underlying skill that Wins Races and Breaks Records
  • All Tier 1 coaches swam throughout their college careers or are currently swimming for their College or University. 
  • Most coaches are record breakers and several have gone undefeated for entire swim seasons. 
  • Tier 1 coaches demonstrate a passion for swimming that only the best coaches can. 
  • Tier 1 coaches work together as a team to give all the clinic swimmers the best learning experience possible, so they can flourish in the sport of competitive swimming.‚Äč

Swim With Passion.  Swim With Drive.  Train With Tier 1.

Tier 1 Swimming