5 Day clinic designed for swimmers 8 years and older, who are already excelling in competitive swimming, consistently demonstrating powerful starts, fast turns and strong finishes.  The Elite Level will bring their performance to a higher level and swimming faster than they ever thought they could.  Swimmers who attend this level will focus on their best event(s) or stroke(s).  Swimmers will not be working on their weakest stroke(s).  This level is about pushing further than you thought you could, in order to get to your goal.


  • Open to all swimmers age 8 and older.  It is most appropriate for swimmers who have qualified for Sliver Championships, Junior Olympics, State Championships or other Championship meets.
  • Challenging practice sessions will focus on technique and race strategy.  Swimmers will be tested and coached in several different areas that contribute to their specific race(s).  
  • Sessions consist of technique drills, speed drills, resistance drills and building mental toughness.
  • Winning pace strategies and techniques for distance swimmers. 
  • Individual review and film analysis using above and below water cameras.
  • ​Swimmers learn the same uncommon techniques used by record breaking swimmers.
  • ​All Elite Level Swimmers will receive the Tier 1 Swimming Log Book.

​​SprintersAccomplished sprinters will build their speed and power through a variety of in the pool 

and out of the pool speed and resistance drills. Swimmers will learn all of the techniques and dynamics

of what it takes to be the fastest sprinter in the pool.  Swimmers will learn the importance of their start,

turn and finish and understand that sprints are won and lost by .01 seconds.   

Distance - Accomplished distance swimmers will learn race-specific strategies and techniques.  Coaches break down distance races into pieces for a better understanding of personal strategy and performance.  Swimmers will be coached on dryland training, specific to distance swimming.  

BreaststrokeAccomplished breaststrokers will develop a better understanding of the techniques of this complex stroke.  Swimmers work on all aspects of breaststroke from the kick, turns, pullouts, and the underwater dolphin kick.

Backstroke/Butterfly - Accomplished backstrokers and butterfliers will build their speed and power through a variety of in the pool and out of the pool speed drills, resistance drills and technique drills.  Swimmers will become more effective in generating underwater speed and power, a critical skill needed to pull ahead of the competition.

Individual Medly - Accomplished IMers will be coached on stroke transitions at the walls and a variety of race strategies.  

Elite Level

Tier 1 Swimming

Building The Fastest Swimmers In The Pool