Tier 1 Between Season Workouts  (These sessions are separate from our normal Sunday sessions)

Monday's and Thursdays  -  March 13 - May 18  -  6:30pm - 7:30pm



Join the Fastest Swimmers In The Pool for between season practice sessions, and work to become the Most Valuable Swimmer on your team.  

These sessions will make you a faster, stronger swimmer.


  • Designed to keep swimmers in top shape between the Winter and Summer swimming seasons.
  • Sessions are held every Monday and Thursday, from 6:30p - 7:30p.  
  • Open to all competitive swimmers, boys and girls, 10 years and older. (I'm only able to take a limited amount of swimmers)
  • Sessions will include stroke specific drills proven to produce exceptional swimmers.  Drills range from Semi-difficult to very difficult.
  • Sessions are not typical of what swimmers are used to.  Sessions are designed to be different, because that's what produces results.
  • Sessions will include dry land workouts - speed, body weight, cardio and static drills.  
  • All Swimmers will get a 2 day early notification on any free Sunday sessions and/or free Dry Land sessions.  (Space on these are always limited to a small number of swimmers).
  • If you need to start after March 13, I can prorate your cost based on your start date only.
  • Make up days are only available if I cancel due to inclement weather.
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Tier 1 Swimming

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