Tier 1 Swimming

Building The Fastest Swimmers In The Pool

Winning Is Nothing More Than Training Harder Than Everyone Else

Will It Be Easy?  Nope....Will It Be Worth It?

Tier 1 Between Season Workouts  (These sessions are separate from our normal Sunday sessions)

Coming in March 


Join the Fastest Swimmers In The Pool for between season practice sessions, and work to become the Most Valuable Swimmer on your team.  

These sessions will make you a faster, stronger swimmer.


  • Designed to keep swimmers in top shape between the Winter and Summer swimming seasons.  
  • Open to all competitive swimmers, boys and girls, 10 years and older. (I'm only able to take a limited amount of swimmers)
  • Sessions will include stroke specific drills proven to produce exceptional swimmers.  Drills range from Semi-difficult to very difficult.
  • Sessions will include Speed, Wind and Drag sets.
  • Sessions are not typical of what swimmers are used to.  Sessions are designed to be different, because that's what produces results.
  • Sessions will include dry land workouts - speed, body weight, cardio and static drills.  
  • All Swimmers will get a 2 day early notification on any free Sunday sessions and/or free Dry Land sessions.  (Space on these are always limited to a small number of swimmers).‚Äč