Tier 1 uses an HD above/below water camera system, which greatly enhances our coaches ability to instruct swimmers on better stroke technique, turns, starts and finishing.  Using 3, adjustable HD cameras, swimmers are able to watch themselves swim on a big screen from 3 separate angles simultaneously.  Giving them a tremendous advantage over the competition in becoming a faster, smarter competitive swimmer.    

"Coach, thank you so much for the diving lesson today! Aden was so excited he called his grandparents while we were walking to the car!! 
I really appreciate your hard work and dedication."

​​​​​Tier 1  Swimming

A Competitive Swim Camp Focusing On What Matters Most. 

Starts, Turns, Finishes, Stroke Refinement 

Silver Level

Four Day clinic that builds on the Bronze Level, with the addition of specialized camera equipment. Coaches use underwater and above water camera systems.

Elite Level

​Five Day​ clinic for accomplished swimmers.  Challenging sessions will build on their speed, strength and mental toughness using proven speed and resistance drills.

Bronze Level

Two Day clinic designed to help competitive swimmers improve on their Starts, Turns and Finishes.  

No lap swimming at all.  

Three Levels Of Coaching

"Coach Russ.  All those 'little adjustments' you made with Christine really paid off.  She dropped 3.73 seconds on her 100 free.  She also came from behind in the relay to pull off the win.  Thank you for all the 'little adjustments'.  They really do work"

Holiday Workouts

​Dec. 26-29 - 10am-11am

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"The girls had great drops in their swim meet today.  Shelby dropped to a 2:18.60 in the 200 back from 2:25 and 1:12.07 in the 100 breast from 1:13.95.  Ella dropped to a 1:21.87 in the 100 breast from a 1:24.87 and she dropped 7 seconds in the 500 free."


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"We wanted to thank you for helping Mackenzie with her swimming. She really enjoyed the lessons and your encouragement. She is swimming in an invitational this Sunday so hopefully she can apply some of the things you taught her. I am sure she will be back in the next few weeks."

"I just wanted to pass along that Taylor won her heat in an invitational last weekend.  Her coach for the winter team made a point to come over and tell Taylor that she won because of her start and turn.  It's something she never focused on until you helped her. Thanks for the help.  Taylor also dropped 7 seconds in her 100 backstroke." ​   

Albright College  -  Reading, Pa

'Private Elite Coaching'​

Mini and Extended

"Russ, as you already know Steven has dropped 1.2 seconds off his freestyle time since we had you coach him on his flip turn and start. We truly appreciate your dedication to him and giving him the confidence he needed.  Steven is excited to see you again next week."

"Thank you so much for the session today.  Maddie had a great time and definitely will benefit from your instruction.  She really liked your coaching style and thought the video was really cool:)  We will see you on Sunday."

​"Maddie won her heat today and dropped 7 seconds in her 50 free!" 

​"Kenzie had her best 100 fly time today.  She took 3.5 seconds off her best time"  Thanks for the extra time you spent with her.

"[Our son] just qualified for JO's today.......Thanks for all the time you spend with him. He made it because of you.  See you next Sunday."  I responded with, "He made it because he worked hard for it, I only gave him the tools.  See you Sunday" 


"The girls did great today! Autumn and Mariella had personal bests in all events".

​"B just qualified for JO's in 50 breast!!!!!"

​Kenzie had a great day today!  4 best times!  Took almost 2 seconds off her  50 breast and 1 second off her 50 free... and split a 33 in the free relay!  Thanks for your help.  We'll be back soon!

​Olivia swam a 33.36 and placed 2nd overall!!  Dropped 1.56!!!

What People Are Saying About Tier 1

*Clinics Are Held At Albright College In Reading, Pa. Sundays Starting At 8am. Or By Appointment*  

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"Hi Russ, Maddie had two new personal bests today at her swim meet.  She dropped 3.86 seconds in the 50 breast.  She did exactly what you have been working on in her start, streamline and pull out.  You would have been proud.  She also dropped 2 seconds in her 50 free."

​"Kenzie had her beat times again in the 50 free and 100 back"

"Russ, my coach said I have the best backstroke start on the Team!!!!!.  I was just like, "thanks, I've been working on it" and I thought of you".

B just won the 50 fly at 31.82...and Broke the GM Age grouo record from 1983😳

Hi! Kaylee just went a 40.68 & dropped over 5 seconds! 8th overall where she was seated 18rh👍